Due to the recent move to our new location, there won't be a

PUMPKIN PATCH is open so stop by and pick out your pumpkin! 



Our Fear Garden Haunted House is intended for a mature, healthy audience. We aim to scare. Those with health conditions, the young, or the faint of heart enter at their own risk. Anyone is welcome to quit their tour at any time but there will be no refunds. It is against policy for any actor to touch you or for you to touch any actor. However, some incidental, unintentional contact may occur.

Fear Garden Haunted House

Out in the moonlight, among the trees, Northern Arizona's scariest haunt takes terror to the next level. This haunted house stands apart from others, gritty and real, with a new theme every year. You can scream, you can run, but you can't escape the horror in this one acre garden of fear! You will...Fear the Garden! 

Satisfied customers rave: 

"It gets better every year!"

"OMG! I peed my pants!"

Regular: $13 per person
Students: $10 per person (college students must show student ID)
A portion of all proceeds benefits the Special Care Unit at Flagstaff Medical Center